Environment & nature

Die Liebe zum Boden, auf dem wir uns befinden, lebt auch seit Generationen in der bäuerlichen Tradition der Familie Tonelli fort. Die Landwirtschaft, die wir noch immer selber betreiben, haben wir jetzt verkleinert, mit dem Ziel, vor allem Qualitätsprodukte zu erzeugen.

Sehr wertvoll das Olivenöl extravergine. Die Gäste des Campingplatzes können es direkt im Camping-Laden kaufen, oder einen der Weine aus der Cantina Agraria di Riva probieren, wohin wir unsere edlen Trauben des Pinot Nero, Pinot Grigio, Merlot liefern und die Krone Des Betriebs, die Lagreiner-Traube, aus der wenige tausend Flaschen Wein mit feinem Charakter gezogen werden.

However, we also focus on virtuous behaviors that let us and our next guests enjoy the beautiful but delicate envi-ronment surrounding us even in the future. Up to the smallest details, our focus is on the respect and protection of the environment where we live and host you.

Solar panels to heat the water of sanitary fixtures, supply of electricity from companies that produce it from renewable sources, almost exclusive use of low energy light bulbs in Class A, light switching off systems in the absence of users, city-bike for guests to enjoy short trips, are just a few examples of our active participation in protecting the environment.

We also carry out some intelligent environmental actions such as the particular plant arrangement, serving as a shield for the cold spring winds as well as thorough pruning that, besides securing our guests, allows a great radia-tion of the sun in spring and a wide shadow in the warmest months for the wellness of our guests, all with a reduced use of renewable energy sources.

The love for the land where we live is also evidenced by the farming tradition that is handed down from generation to generation in the Tonelli family.
The farm we are still cultivating has been now reduced in size to focus our efforts on quality products.

Guests at the campsite can buy the precious and excellent extra-virgin olive oil directly within the campsite itself, and they can also taste the several wines produced at the Agraria di Riva winery where we endow our finest grapes of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, merlot and the cutting edge of the farm, the Lagrein, produced in just a few thousand bottles.